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If your business is a hobby, we may not be the answer you’re looking for at this time.

It is critical when seeking financing that you do not create a business “wish list” or base your projections on fantasy. With our experience and expertise with credit financing, we will create a business plan so your financing request is submitted in the best possible presentation to lenders, underwriters and investors.

Our team of professionals and entrepreneurs has over 60 years of experience between owning a business, managing a business and working with countless business-owner clients. 

A thorough review and comprehensive research of your financials, competition, experience, SWOT analysis, etc are paramount for your financing request. We collaborate with you to ensure proper strategies are documented and executable over the long-term.

Our free consultation is structured to hear your goals and discuss how we can coordinate so you achieve the ultimate goal of expanding your enterprise. Your business goals and growth opportunities are our highest priority.

We know precisely how lenders review your financing request and application. We understand how they analyze risk factors as well as assess financials. Our commitment to you is to draft the best presentation that demonstrates the strength of your company.

We work one-on-one with clients to review strengths and build the best business plan so you can navigate smoothly through the financing process.

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Business Plan Summary

Whether you are starting a business, requesting financing or need for internal strategic planning, sometimes, all you need is a summary of your business projections. If you need a quick document to summarize your business, our pricing for this item starts at a reasonable $500 level.

Business Plan

When you need your expertise and goals collected into a cohesive written plan, we are here to collaborate with you.  Our Business Plans are customized whether for your own strategic planning, for a credit financing application, or to present to shareholders or potential equity investors. We consult for your Business Plan strategies to provide advice and counsel.  Pricing varies depending on the complexity and depth of your business pursuits.  Please contact us for a free consultation and price quote.

Three Year Business Projection

When you apply for credit financing for your business, or your potential equity investor asks for detailed numerical data, we can assist.  We’ll review your financials, your Business and Marketing plans and conduct an in-depth interview with you and your Management team to create a cohesive financial projection for the next three years. Pricing varies based on the depth of information you provide and the comprehensiveness of the report.  Please contact us for a free consultation and price quote.

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