Put Your Business BACK in the Driver’s Seat!

Welcome Entrepreneur!

With COVID-19 upon us, you may think it’s pointless to develop a business plan at this time. Your business may be closed and/or you may not be working.  However, if you found us, you must be looking for ways to get your business back in action.

As difficult as it may to consider this next question, it needs to be asked because we have to think of the future.  What ideas, strategies, plans are you making now or working on now to prepare for surviving through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, and, hopefully sooner rather than later, rebuilding and thriving out on the other side as the economy re-opens and recovers?

One solution that will shed light on the potential opportunities waiting for you is to update your current, or develop a new business plan.

A business plan is useful for your own internal strategic planning. If ever there was a time for strategic planning, now is it!

  • If you are in the fortunate position to have a thriving business and need additional capital to not only survive but thrive, a financing request will always require a business plan.
  • If you are deconstructing your current business model to create a new business model for survival, you need a written playbook.
  • If you are starting a new business post-COVID and want to find partners and investors to get your venture off the ground, a business plan is a must.

Avoid procrastination and minimize the stress while you prepare your plan. With our experience with financing, we understand how Banks and Lenders think when assessing credit risk, and what they need to see in your business plan. Increase your probability of success with a business plan.

Contact us to discuss if we can help put your business back on the map.
(Yes, will be using many transportation and directional metaphors, so put your seat belt on.)

Avoid Business Road Blocks

Business Plan Summary

Maybe you’ve either started your business plan or you have one already completed. The Executive Summary is the last piece even though it appears first in your plan. You cannot have a summary without the details of the plan. We can help create or review/revise your summary to encompass all the compelling elements of the plan. Our pricing to review your plan and craft your summary starts at a reasonable $500 level.

3-Year Business Projection

When you apply for credit financing for your business, or your potential equity investor asks for detailed numerical data, we can assist.  We’ll review your previous financials, your Business and Marketing plan and conduct an in-depth interview with you and your Management team to create a cohesive financial projection for the next three years for Income and Expenses. Pricing varies based on the depth of information you can provide and the comprehensiveness of the report.  Please contact us for a consultation and price quote.

Business Plan

When you need your ideas, goals, aspirations and plans collected into a cohesive written plan, we can help.  Our Business Plans can be customized based on the intended use, whether for your own strategy planning, for a credit financing application, or to present to shareholders or potential equity investors, we’ll custom-tailor the right Business Plan for your needs.  We also consult on Business Plan strategies to provide advice and counsel.  Pricing varies depending on the complexity and depth of your Business Plan needs.  Please contact us for a consultation and price quote.